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February the month of love, gifts, and time with people who mean the world to us. But did you know that February is also Heart month. I mean it makes sense right Valentine’s is synonyms with red hearts. And even if you don’t have a valentine, you can show yourself a lil TLC.


So in honor of February being the month of the heart, I have a DIY hand and foot salve that helps with tired achy feet and hands, as well as promotes circulation. The idea from this reciepe belongs to aura cacia  

In this salve they used essential oils that aren’t common and that you usually don’t use. And that reason is why I was so drawn to it. The ingredients in the salve are: Black pepper, Nutmeg, and Balsam Fir Needle.


Black Pepper essential is a very strong and spicy aroma. But Did you know that black pepper essential oil is not only great for cooking and adding spice to your favorite dish. But it has been shown that its spicy and strong aroma has helped  to curb nicotine cravings. It is great with relieving achy muscles and joints after a workout.


Nutmeg essential oil is a spice and herb oil, and that means that it is a warming oil.  And warming oils help with circulation. So it is the perfect essential oil to add for anyone with achy joints and muscles.


Balsam Fir Needle or Balsam Fir essential oil is a woody and earthy oil. It reminds people of stepping into a christmas tree lot. This essential oil not only is highly regarded for its calming and emotional balancing effects. It can be diluted and applied to the chest for promoting a healthy respiratory system. Like black pepper and nutmeg essential oil, balsam fir needle is a warming oil that aids with achy joints and muscles especially after a vigorous workout.


Without further ado let’s DIY a hand and foot salve.



7 Tablespoons Sweet Almond oil

24 drops black pepper essential oil

12 drops nutmeg essential oil

12 drops balsam needle fir essential oil

1 Tablespoons beeswax

1 wide mouth 4oz mason jar with lid



Heat sweet almond oil and beeswax in heat proof bowl until beeswax is melted.

Stir in essential oils. Add mixture to jar leave with lid off and undisturbed to set overnight.

To use massage into hands and or feet.


This warming salve can be used anywhere on the body but works well on chilly hands and feet. If you would like to purchase the salve it is available in the office as well.

For the entire month of February we have a special!! Buy a 90 minute massage for yourself or someone special and get a 10 minute aromatherapy foot massage for free. Thats a 15$ discount. All you do is book the 90 minute and choose the 10 minute add on.


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Welcome to the world of adult Dating

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Welcome to the world of adult Dating

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