Self care during Isolation

How do you take care of yourself in spite of this crisis? Is it selfish to still want to? Many businesses and schools are voluntarily shutting down in the midst of the COVID-19. Many people are working remotely and are self quarantining themselves. But our bodies are having more aches and pains due to more sitting and laying due to isolation. It seems this virus isn’t going to go away and we still need to continue to work out to keep our bodies and minds healthy. So how can you give yourself self care during this time? If you don’t feel safe enough to visit your massage therapist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist. Here are some tips for self massages that I personally use on myself.

In my profession, I stand, squat, and lunge all the time. And to help combat tight glutes I use a spikey massage ball like this one to help loosen my piriformis and glutes.  I use this tool to help release tight muscles in my glutes, calves, and feet.   

For a more broad surface, I like to use a foam roller. I like to call it the torture device. lol, I have such a love/hate relationship with it. But honestly, it gets the job done. It’s great for every portion of your body. Prolonged sitting? Hunching over constantly? Tight quads? Stiff shoulder? FOAM ROLL IT. Click the link and purchase one. There are so many great resources on how to foam roll properly. And if you still have questions you can visit me in my office and I can show you a couple of exercises. 

And if you need to break out the big guns to get the job done. Then a massage gun is your next best thing to a massage therapist. I personally like this one and use it on myself when I can’t get any bodywork done. It is a high vibrating massage gun that you can use to target focus on tight muscles and to break up any knots that you may have. 

And if you find yourself in need of bodywork but can not because unforeseen circumstances try these tools to get you through your period of isolation. And don’t forget the most important thing with self-care is Self.

If you have any questions you can fill out this form and I will answer any questions right away. And also comment below any tips or tricks you use to help with self care?


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